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Crumpets anyone? Cconsider including sandwiches at your tea especially if you are expecting men to attend.

Ranging from the informal to the most elegant occasion, afternoon tea consists of the tea itself poured by the hostess or whoever is playing mother, and a selection of sandwiches, biscuits, cakes or thinly sliced fruit cake served in the living room.

Typical fare would be cucumber or watercress sandwiches with the crust removed and scones made from a recipe like the one below. But don't feel restricted choose the sandwich fillings that appeal to you and your guests. Smoked salmon, eggs salad, thin slices of ham or even peanut butter and jelly.

The cakes and biscuits were always easily eaten, finger food in fact. The tea would be freshly brewed, originally only made from the finest Indian such as Darjeeling and served in the most delicate fine china. Try some of the Darjeeling or Assam teas and accompany with milk or lemon and sugar.

Remember, the secret to afternoon tea is an atmosphere of peacefulness, forgetting about everyday worries and taking time to get in touch with the things that really matter in life, good taste, enjoyment, family and friends.



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